Changes in the publication of sequence listings

August 16, 2007

Changes regarding sequence listings have recently been made. The purpose of this change is to make the publication of sequence listing more complete and easier to use.

The new system provides the following new features:

  • XML daily update files
  • All SLs will be included (i.e. including the SLs extracted from the pamplets). SLs embedded in the description will be gradually removed
  • A new structure is available as follows:
    • publication/year/week/WO_number for the SL files
    • updates/year/month for the update files
  • All subsequently published SLs will be added to the publication week directory and reported in the update file
  • All subsequently deleted/replaced/added SLs will trigger the update of the corresponding international application publication content and will be reported in the update file.
The new publication system will be effective as of October 1st, 2007. The former publication system will still run in parallel until that date.

Further Information