World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO National Seminar on the Economic Importance of Copyright and Related Rights Protection

Date et lieu16 décembre au 17 décembre 2003 (Kampala, Ouganda)

Documents de réunion

WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/INF/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/1EnglishIntroduction to Copyright and Neighboring Rights: Historical Background, Basic Notions and Current Trends
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/3EnglishIntroduction to Collective Management of Copyright: Basic Notions
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/6EnglishCopyright Protection as a Stimulus for Cultural and Copyright Industry Development: The Experience of the Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA)
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/7EnglishRights Management in the Use of Musical Works in Uganda: The Role of the Ugandan Performing Rights Society (UPRS)
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/9EnglishThe Administration of Reprographic Rights and the Establishment and Role of Reproduction Rights Organizations
WIPO/CCM/KLA/03/10EnglishThe Cooperation for Development Program of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

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