WIPO Regional Seminar on the Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Folklore

Date et lieu25 février au 26 février 2002 (Mumbai, Inde)
Thème(s)Folklore , Séminaires relatifs au droit d'auteur, Ateliers et séminaires

Documents de réunion

WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/INF/1EnglishDraft Program
WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/INF/2EnglishInormation Note on Traditional Knowledge
WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/1EnglishProgram in the Peruvian Process for the Development of a Mechanism to Protect Indigenous Peoples Knowledge
WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/2EnglishThe International Cooperative Biodiversity Group Program in Peru: A Bioprospecting Experience and Indigenous Knowledge
WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/3EnglishSome Brief Thoughts on the Protection of Indigenous or Traditional Knowledge in the Light of the Peruvian Experience
WIPO/CRTK/POS/02/4EnglishA Conceptual Framework for Recognition of Rights for the Holders of Traditional Knowledge and Folklore