World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO National Seminar on Licensing and Transfer of Technology

Fecha y lugar4 de mayo a 6 de mayo de 1998 (Mascate, Omán)

Documentos de reunión

WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/1EnglishThe Economic Importance of Industrial Property
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/2EnglishLicensing as a Means of Transfer of Technology
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/3EnglishImportant Features of Agreements of Licensing Technology (Part I)
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/4Arabic[Legal Framework for Transfer of Technology]
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/5EnglishImportant Features of Agreements of Licensing Technology: Commercial and Financial Considerations in License Agreements (Part II)
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/6EnglishNegotiation Skills for Licensing Technology
WIPO/LIC/MCT/98/8Arabic[Licensing of Software]

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