Singapore-WIPO Joint Training Course for Asia and the Pacific Region on the Use of the Industrial Property System by Research and Development Institutions

Fecha y lugar7 de octubre a 16 de octubre de 1997 (Singapur, Singapur)
Tema(s)Talleres y seminarios

Documentos de reunión

WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/INF/2EnglishProvisional Course Outline
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/INF/3EnglishProvisional List of Participants
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/2EnglishIndustrial Property Information: The Technological Information Contained in Patent Documents and its Use
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/2.2AEnglishElements of the Industrial Property Information System: Patent Documents
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/2.2BEnglishElements of the Industrial Property System
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/2.3AEnglishApplications of the Industrial Property Information System: Patent Information Services: The Malaysian Experience
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/3EnglishPatent Information Systems: The Storage and Retrieval of Patent Information by the Latest Technology
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/3.1EnglishSources of Patent Information
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/3.2EnglishPatent Information: A Tool for Researchers
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/3.3AEnglishPatent Information Systems: Search Strategies and Techniques
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/4.1EnglishAcquisition of Technology through the Patent System: Locating New Technology
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/4.2EnglishAcquiring and Licensing New Technology: Strategic Options, Technology Transfer Arrangements, Fundamentals of License Agreements
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/5.3IIIEnglishProtecting Trade Secrets and Inventions: Confidentiality Agreements
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/6.3AEnglishLinks between Research Institutes and Industry in the Commercialization of Inventions and Innovations: The Malaysian Experience
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/7.3EnglishStaff Training and Development: Use of Patent Information Systems
WIPO/R&D/SIN/97/7.4EnglishFundamentals of Technology Negotiations