WIPO Regional Conference on Technology and Innovation Support

Fecha y lugar19 de mayo a 21 de mayo de 2010 (Singapur, Singapur)
Tema(s)Seminarios sobre Innovaciónes

The aim of the Conference is to promote patent and technology information retrieval from databases to reduce the knowledge gap in developing and least-developed countries of the Asia and Pacific region, demonstrate the practical advantages of using IP information, as well as support the establishment of a regional network of technology and innovation support centers to increase the capacity to manage and use intellectual property (IP) in the countries concerned.

Documentos de reunión

WIPO/IP/SIN/10/INF/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Documento completo (doc) Provisional Program, Documento completo (pdf)

Otros documentos conexos

WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218503EnglishReducing great disparities in scientific resourcesReducing great disparities in scientific resources, Documento completo (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218523EnglishProviding Training and Capacity Building. The European Patent Academy Providing Training and Capacity Building. The European Patent Academy , Documento completo (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218544EnglishUS Patent and Trademarks Depository. Library ProgramUS Patent and Trademarks Depository. Library Program, Documento completo (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218562EnglishThe PATLIB (Patent Library) Network in EuropeThe PATLIB (Patent Library) Network in Europe, Documento completo (ppt)
WIPO/IP/SIN/10/WWW/218563EnglishOverview of Commercial Patent DatabasesOverview of Commercial Patent Databases, Documento completo (ppt)