World Intellectual Property Organization

Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO, Fifty-Third Series of Meetings

May 8 to May 9, 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

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This online registration form is strictly intended for delegates of WIPO Member States and representatives of accredited organizations who have received a written official invitation to attend the above-mentioned meeting(s). The form is aimed at facilitating the registration process.

The information provided on the form will be used only for registration purposes and for the preparation of official lists of participants. Completion of the form does not imply any acceptance or endorsement by WIPO of participation by the delegate or representative in the above-mentioned meeting(s), which is governed by Chapter II of the WIPO General Rules of Procedure and the relevant special rules of procedures, as the case may be, of the above indicated WIPO body or bodies. Neither does completion of the form give rise to any commitment by WIPO to provide to the delegate financial or any other support for participation, or create a right or entitlement on the part of the delegate or representative, to participate in the above-mentioned meeting(s) or any other WIPO meeting.

Before filling out this form, delegates or representatives shall ensure that they have the official authorization of their relevant government or organization, which shall be attached to the present online registration form.

Representatives of organizations that are not accredited Permanent Observers or recognized ad hoc observers should not use this form. Details of the accreditation process for Permanent Observer status may be found on the WIPO web site, while requests for ad hoc observer status for specific meetings should be addressed to the WIPO Secretariat and will be forwarded to the WIPO body concerned. The grant of Permanent Observer status is decided upon by the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO and not by the WIPO Secretariat.

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An invitation Circular was sent on March 7, 2014, to Member States and Observer Organizations accredited to WIPO. Registrations originating from individuals or organizations NOT accredited to WIPO cannot be processed. Information on how to request observer status to WIPO is available on:

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