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Rule 30
Amendment of Certain Rules

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(1) [Requirement of Unanimity]  Amendment of the following provisions of these Regulations shall require unanimity :

(i) Rule 7(6);

(ii) Rule 13(4);

(iii) Rule 15(1);

(iv) Rule 17(1)(iii);

(v) Rule 18(1);

(vi) the present Rule.

(2) [Procedure]  Any proposal for amending a provision referred to in paragraph (1) shall be communicated to all Contracting Parties at least two months prior to the opening of the session of the Assembly which is called upon to make a decision on the proposal.

Rule 31
Administrative Instructions

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      (1) [Establishment of Administrative Instructions; Matters Governed by Them]  (a)  The Director General shall establish Administrative Instructions. He may modify them. He shall consult the Offices which have a direct interest in the proposed Administrative Instructions or their proposed modification.

      (b) The Administrative Instructions shall deal with matters in respect of which these Regulations expressly refer to such Instructions and with details in respect of the application of these Regulations.

      (2) [Control by the Assembly]  The Assembly may invite the Director General to modify any provision of the Administrative Instructions, and the Director General shall proceed accordingly.

      (3) [Publication and Effective Date]  (a)  The Administrative Instructions and any modification thereof shall be published in the Bulletin.

      (b) Each publication shall specify the date on which the published provisions become effective. The dates may be different for different provisions, provided that no provision may be declared effective prior to its publication in the Bulletin.

      [Rule 31, continued]

      (4) [Conflict with the Act or These Regulations]  In the case of conflict between any provision of the Administrative Instructions and any provision of the Act or of these Regulations, the latter shall prevail.

Rule 32
Declarations Made by Contracting Parties

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    (1) [Making and Coming into Effect of Declarations] Article 30(1) and (2) shall apply mutatis mutandis to the making of any declaration under Rules 8(1), 13(4)(a) or 18(1)(b) and to its coming into effect.

    (2) [Withdrawal of Declarations] Any declaration referred to in paragraph (1) may be withdrawn at any time by notification addressed to the Director General. Such withdrawal shall take effect upon receipt by the Director General of the notification of withdrawal or at any later date indicated in the notification. In the case of a declaration made under Rule 18(1)(b), the withdrawal shall not affect an international registration whose date is earlier than the coming into effect of the said withdrawal.

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