World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO National Seminar on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Meeting CodeWIPO/PCT/MLA/2/03
Date and venueOctober 22, 2003 (Valletta, Malta)

Meeting Documents

WIPO/PCT/MLA/2/03/1EnglishBasic Notions and General Aspects of Industrial Property with Emphasis on Patents
WIPO/PCT/MLA/2/03/3EnglishIntroduction on the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Its Advantages for the Private Sector Implementation of PCT: Practical Aspects for Users
WIPO/PCT/MLA/2/03/3BISEnglishAdvantages of and Benefits from Using the PCT for the Private Sector
WIPO/PCT/MLA/2/03/5EnglishThe EPO as International Searching Authority and International Preliminary Examining Authority

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