World Intellectual Property Organization

Subregional Seminar on a Concerted Strategic Approach to Certain Questions Related to Collective Management, Cultural Industries and the Fight Against Piracy in West Africa

Meeting CodeOMPI/CCM/BKO/02
Date and venueDecember 3 to December 6, 2002 (Bamako, Mali)

Meeting Documents

OMPI/CCM/BKO/02/1EnglishIntroductory Paper
FrenchFiche de présentation
OMPI/CCM/BKO/02/2EnglishEstablishing a Data Exchange System for African Collective Management Organizations: A Concept Paper. Africa Copyright Common Networking (ACCN)
FrenchÉtablir un système d'échange de données pour les organismes de gestion collective du droit d'auteur en Afrique: document d'analyse. Mise en place d'un réseau commun du droit d'auteur en Afrique (ACCN)
OMPI/CCM/BKO/02/6EnglishThe Tools of CISAC's Common Information System (CIS Plan): Theoretical and Practical Presentation of the Interested Parties Information Database (IPI) and the Musical Works Information Database (WID) (Mr. Kurt Auer)
FrenchLes outils du plan CIS de la CISAC: présentation théorique et pratique des bases de données IPI (Interested Parties Information) et WID (Musical Works Information Database) (M. Kurt Auer)

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