International Conference on Dispute Resolution in Electronic Commerce

Meeting codeARB/ECOM/00
Date and venueNovember 6 to November 7, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland)

The Workshop is designed for lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys, and others wishing to familiarize themselves with the international mediation and arbitration processes and to receive training as neutrals or party representatives.

Meeting documents

ARB/ECOM/00/EnglishICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
FrançaisPrincipes directeurs de l'ICANN régissant le règlement uniforme des litiges relatifs aux noms de domaine
EspañolPolítica Uniforme de Solución de Controversias en Materia de Nombres de Dominio de la ICANN
ARB/ECOM/00/INF/3EnglishGeneral Information
FrançaisRenseignements d'ordre général
EspañolInformación General
ARB/ECOM/00/2EnglishInternational Commercial Arbitration and E-Commerce: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
ARB/ECOM/00/7EnglishChallenges and Opportunities for Dispute Resolution in the Era of Electronic Commerce
ARB/ECOM/00/10FrançaisInternet et le règlement des différends
ARB/ECOM/00/13EnglishOnline Auctions and Dispute Resolution
ARB/ECOM/00/15EnglishOvercoming Impass: Are there Limits to Online Mediation?
ARB/ECOM/00/20EnglishDispute Settlement in Electronic Commerce - The Role of PKI and B2B System Rules
ARB/ECOM/00/22EnglishDomain Name Dispute Resolution: A Model for the Future?
ARB/ECOM/00/25AEnglishExecutive Summary: Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Best Practices - Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Team (DART) - Best Practice Committee
ARB/ECOM/00/25BEnglishASPresolve - Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Best Practices for the ASP Industry
ARB/ECOM/00/26EnglishThe Courts and New Technologies
ARB/ECOM/00/29EnglishAn Outline on "Dispute Resolution in Electronic Commerce" in the Arab Countries - Institutional Perspectives and Responses
ARB/ECOM/00/31EnglishThe CPR B2B E-Commerce Initiative
ARB/ECOM/00/32EnglishInstitutional Perspectives and Responses