WIPO Academy on Intellectual Property for Arab Countries

Meeting codeWIPO/ACAD/A/00
Date and venueFebruary 14 to February 18, 2000 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Topic(s)WIPO Academy

Meeting documents

WIPO/ACAD/A/00/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/INF/2EnglishProvisional List of Participants
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/2(I)EnglishOverview of the Protection of Industrial Property
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/2(II)EnglishInternational Protection of Industrial Property: The Paris Convention
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/3(I)EnglishOverview of the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/3(II)EnglishIntroduction to International Protection of Copyright and Related Rights
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/5EnglishThe Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/10EnglishThe Management and Use of Intellectual Property for Promoting Invention, Innovation and Technological Growth
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/11(II)EnglishThe Impact of New Technologies on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: The WIPO Copyright Treaty (WPT) and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT)
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/12(II)EnglishCollective Management of Copyright and Related Rights
WIPO/ACAD/A/00/13EnglishProtection of Traditional Knowledge: A Global Intellectual Property Issue