WIPO-ARIPO-OUA African Symposium on Intellectual Property as a Tool for African Economic, Social, Cultural and Technical Development

Meeting codeWIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99
Date and venueAugust 30 to September 1, 1999 (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Topic(s)Intellectual Property-related Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/INF/2EnglishProvisional List of Participants
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/1EnglishThe use of Patents as a Tool for Technology Transfer
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/2EnglishThe Establishment of a Patent Information and Documentaton Database for Africa
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/3EnglishPromoting African Indigenous Technology
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/4EnglishA Strategy for Promoting Inventive and Innovative Activity
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/5EnglishA Strategy for the Use of Trademarks to Promote African Trade
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/6EnglishA Strategy for the Use of Geographical Indications to Promote African Exports
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/7EnglishA Strategy for the Promotion of African Industrial (Textile) Designs
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/8EnglishA Strategy for the Use of Electronic Commerce in African Trade
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/9EnglishA Musical Rights Collective Management Strategy for Africa
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/10EnglishA Reprographic Rights Collective Management Strategy for Africa
WIPO-ARIPO-OAU/IP/HRE/99/11EnglishPossible Folklore Initiatives for Africa