PCT Working Group on Budgetary Questions

Meeting codePCT/WG/BUD/I
Date and venueFebruary 28 to March 4, 1977 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Topic(s)Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System

Meeting documents

PCT/WG/BUD/I/1. REV.2EnglishDraft AgendaDraft Agenda, Complete document (pdf)
PCT/WG/BUD/I/2EnglishBudgetary Requirements of the International BureauBudgetary Requirements of the International Bureau, Complete document (pdf)
PCT/WG/BUD/I/3EnglishCurrent Sales of Patent Office PublicationsCurrent Sales of Patent Office Publications, Complete document (pdf)
PCT/WG/BUD/I/4EnglishDraft PrinciplesDraft Principles, Complete document (pdf)
PCT/WG/BUD/I/5EnglishDraft Report - PCT/WG/BUD/I/5 superseded by PCT/WG/BUD/I/6
PCT/WG/BUD/I/6EnglishReportReport, Complete document (pdf)