Mrs. Pajchima Tanasanti is currently Director General of Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), Ministry of Commerce Thailand, a position to which she was appointed in 2009.

She started her career in the Department of Business Registration until the Government of Thailand established the DIP in 1992 (part of the Department of Business Registration). She then undertook several management positions such as Director of Coordinating Center for Suppression of IP Rights Violation in 1994, Director of Copyright Office in 1999, Director of Trademark Office in 2002, and Deputy Director General in 2008. In addition to her position of Director-General at DIP, she established the Geographical Indications Group (Under Trademark Office) in 2003 and played an important role as a chairperson of the ASEAN working group on Intellectual Property Cooperation (AWGIPC) between 2011 - 2013.

Prior to her career at DIP, Mrs. Pajchima Tanasanti pursued her Bachelor of Laws and Master of Arts (Public Administration) from Thammasat University (Thailand).