World Intellectual Property Organization

4th International Forum on Creativity and Inventions

A Better Future for Humanity in the 21st Century, Scientific Research and Intellectual Property – Common Challenges, Common Solutions

San José, Costa Rica, November 7 to 9, 2007

Organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, with the collaboration of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM), the aim of the Forum will be to explore and discuss how invention and innovation influence social, economic, cultural and technological development, and how invention and innovation can be stimulated and promoted to contribute to the generation of employment and creation of wealth. 

The Forum will provide an opportunity for high-level government officials involved in economic and technological policy planning and implementation, professors and researchers, representatives from the private sector (industry, research and development (R&D) organizations, universities, innovative companies, etc.), associations of inventors, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations concerned with the promotion of creativity and innovative activity, business leaders, government officials, IP specialists, and academic experts, to exchange knowledge and information on topical issues noted in the themes listed hereinafter. 

Furthermore, it is expected that the Forum will send a strong message to policy-makers and the business community about the growing importance of creativity, inventions and innovations, and intellectual property for social and economic development and how it is used to serve in reaching development objectives and goals. 

The Forum would address the theme of “Scientific Research and Intellectual Property – Common Challenges, Common Solutions”. The objective would be to identify challenges that both developed and developing countries face when addressing the creation, development and commercialization of intellectual property assets generated in academic and research settings. It is expected that the exchange of information consider and discuss a number of issues of topical interest which will be presented by international and national experts in English, French and Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the three languages.

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