WIPO-OECD Workshop on Statistics in the Patent Field: Program

Thursday, September 18, 2003
8.30 Registration 
9.00 Opening session -  Welcome address
  Dr. F. Gurry
  Mr. Andrew Wyckoff

State of the art in patent statistics

  • Chair: Mr. Andrew Wyckoff, OECD
  Inventiveness by numbers: Towards patent inventor statistics [PDF] Dr. R. Tijssen
  Measuring and estimating patent value [PDF] Mr. D. Harhoff
  Patents and other IPRs as seen from licensing contracts [PDF] Mr. S. Nagaoka
   OECD patent statistics [PDF] Mr. M. Khan
11.00 Coffee break

State of the art in patent statistics

Patent indicators within the European statistical system [PDF] Mr. G. Strack

Patent families

  • Chair: Mr. Vladimir Yossifov, WIPO
OECD triadic patent families [PDF]
13.00 Lunch

Patent families

Patent family data and statistics at the European Patent Office [PDF] Mr. P. Hingley
The Derwent patent family and its application in patent statistical analysis [PDF] Mrs. D. Nanu
16.00  Coffee break

Patents by field of technology

  • Chair: Mr. Dominique Guellec, OECD
From science papers to technology patents to company financial performance: The essential role of quality in R&D [PDF] Dr. F. Narin
Patent search strategies for strategic statistical analysis [PDF] Dr. U. Schmoch
18.00 End of session


Friday, September 19, 2003

Patents by industr

  • Chair: Mr. Marc Nicolas, EPO
Basic facts about IPC reform [PDF] Mr. M. Makarov
Defining (and divining) industries: The construction and use of patent concordances [PDF] Mr. D. Johnson
Linking technology areas to industrial sectors:  Development of a concordance between patent classes and sector codes [PDF] Mr. P. Patel
Revisiting the USPTO concordance between the U.S. patent classification and the standard industrial classification systems PDF]
10.30 Coffee break

Forecasting patent filings

  • Chair: Mr. José Blanch, WIPO
Methods for forecasting numbers of patent applications at the European Patent Office [PDF] Mr. Marc Nicolas
Forecasting USPTO patent application filings [PDF] Mr. F. Joutz
Implementing a forecasting methodology for PCT applications at WIPO [PDF] Mrs. C. Dehon
12.30 Concluding session: Future development of patent statistics
13.00 End of session