What Users Say about the Madrid System

Madrid System users come from all corners of the globe and represent a broad cross-section of industries. Individual entrepreneurs, small and large businesses find the Madrid System to be a convenient and cost-effective means to protect marks in key markets throughout the world.

With over a million trademarks registered since its inception, the Madrid System is increasingly seen as the first choice for export-oriented trademark holders.

Hear what our users say about the Madrid System.

Video: The Madrid System and its users.

Convenient management of global trademark portfolios

Daimler, Germany

"A very good tool to keep your budget low" – Gerhard Bauer, Chief Trademark Counsellor, Daimler AG [transcript].

Nestlé, Switzerland

"I encourage all companies to use the Madrid System as much as they can" – Jean-Pierre Maeder, Group Head of Trademarks, Nestlé [transcript].

Shiseido, Japan

"It is a great tool for our business!" – Ichiro Morikawa, Senior Manager of Trademark Group, Shiseido [transcript].

Sony, Japan

"The most effective global trademark system for the borderless network era" – Shinji Ina, General Manager, IP Alliance & Licensing, Sony [transcript].

Securing protection in export markets worldwide

Dzama, Madagascar

"A reliable and quality partnership for our export development strategy" – Cédric Razafintsalama, Marketing Manager, Vidzar [transcript].

Eti, Turkey

"It has become a standard for us" – Filiz Karasoy, Trademark Expert, Eti [transcript].

Ingelec, Morocco

"I'm very proud that Morocco is a member of the Madrid System" – Said Kamal Hajji, Finance Manager, Ingelec [transcript].

Orka Group, Turkey

"It simplifies  trademark registration and management procedures" – Süleyman Orakçıoğlu, CEO, Orka Group [transcript].

Cost-effective trademark registration

Microsoft, United States

"The Madrid Protocol has been wonderful for the US" – Russell Pangborn, Associate General Counsel, Trademarks, Microsoft [transcript].

Sopharma, Bulgaria

"Use it! Don't doubt it, just use it!" – Iveta Borisova, Trademark Expert, Sopharma AD [transcript].

Syngenta, Switzerland

"It's a good system, I'm 100% in favor of it!" – Jane Collins, Trademark Expert, Syngenta [transcript].

TWE, Australia

"It's aligned with where the world is going in terms of business and innovation" – Owen Malone, Director IP, Treasury Wine Estates [transcript].