Transcript from the video "Protecting your Trademark Worldwide by using the Madrid System"

Madrid System – Webmercial Script

With more than 100 years of experience, the madrid system has facilitated businesses in establishing more than a million marks worldwide.

Trademark owners enjoy a flexible and cost-effective single procedure to protect simultaneously their mark in more than 80 countries, or by selecting a few, according to their business needs.

Trademark owners simply need to fill in, from their national office, one form, in one language, pay one set of fees, in one currency, to obtain and modify an international registration.

Trademark owners benefit from online tools to search existing marks, browse the wipo gazette, estimate filing costs, make e-payments and renewals and check registration status.

This unique service offered by the madrid system eases the registration and management of a mark or a large portfolio: it empowers businesses and helps expand their market abroad.

The number one solution for international trademark registration, the madrid system is brought to you by the world intellectual property organization.