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Madrid Goods & Services Manager  

Madrid Goods & Services Manager (Madrid G&S Manager)

The Madrid Goods and Services Manager (Madrid G&S Manager) is an on-line tool designed by WIPO to assist trademark applicants and their representatives in compiling the lists of goods and services that they need to submit when filing international applications under the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (“the Madrid system”).

The Madrid G&S Manager:

  • gives access to standard terms accepted by WIPO under the Madrid system procedures;
  • is available in the three working languages of the Madrid system (English, French and Spanish) as well as in several other languages (e.g. Arabic, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese and Russian from January 2012);
  • enables applicants to browse and search for relevant terms which may be translated into any of the three working languages of the Madrid system.


WIPO makes every effort to ensure that the terms contained in the Madrid Goods & Services Manager (Madrid G&S Manager), in English, French and Spanish, are linguistically accurate and have been correctly classified according to the most recent version of the Nice Classification. However the contents of the Madrid G&S Manager cannot be considered either exhaustive or immutable. WIPO reserves the right to modify and update the Madrid G&S Manager at any time and according to needs. WIPO accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the use of the data extracted from the Madrid G&S Manager.

In the event that an error is detected, please contact us and we will endeavor to correct it.



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