Downloading of the ROMARIN update files

The ROMARIN update files are available for downloading on the ftp site of the UN International Computing Centre (ICC).

The access details are as follows:

  • The address of the site is
  • User id: anonymous
  • Password: guest
  • Directories: /wipo/madrid/romarin

The files are named and contain the current state of all marks which have changed during the course of that day, together with the relevant mark images.  If you are processing these files, they must be processed in date sequence.  Documentation of the format of XML file is avaliable at:  It is highly recommended to use a special ftp program to download the files.  Using web browser access, the following syntax will also work:

In case of technical problems, please contact us giving some technical information about your environment: the network you use, the operating system of your PC, the browser version, etc.  In case of questions on the content of the files, please go to

The entire ROMARIN database is available in the same XML format for CHF 30,000.  For further information, please go to

Before sending your note, please first test your environment as to whether you can have access to another anonymous ftp site, e.g., try to connect, for example, to the text archive of the Gutenberg project: