Ukraine (UA)


Nice Classification

The Office accepts all class headings of the Nice Classification, as well as indications for goods and services of the current edition.
According to the Rules on Drafting, Filing and Examination of an Application for the Grant of a Certificate of Ukraine for a Trade Mark for Goods and Services, the list of goods and services may contain indications of goods or services that are individual segments of Nice Classification class headings.

Representation before the Office

Local representation is required.
List of local representatives.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

No special requirements.


No special requirements.


The Office carries out examination on absolute and relative grounds in case the examination has not been completed at the time of transformation.
Transformation fees: 1,000 HRN and 1,000 HRN for each class above one, plus all other special fees required for a normal national application.

Maintenance Requirement



Recording in the International Register of a trademark license related to an international registration is effective in Ukraine.

Last updated on: March 17, 2014