Turkey (TR)


Nice Classification

The Office accepts most of the class headings but objects to the term “retail services” in Class 35. In order to remedy this objection the applicant must specify the scope of the “retail services”, i.e. retail services in relation to footwear, meat, poultry and game, textile machines etc.

Representation before the Office

Local representation is required.
List of local representatives.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

Technical Regulations governing the use of the mark must be sent directly to the Office in Turkish. Regulations must have been received by the Office not later than the receiving date of the notification of the international registration. If the Office does not receive those documents in due time, a provisional refusal will be notified to WIPO for the fulfillment of those conditions specified therein indicating new time limits.


Recording of replacement takes place upon request, filed with the Office. A fee of 150 Turkish Liras is required. The rights accrued by the replaced registration are preserved.


A transformation fee of 150 Turkish Liras is required.

Maintenance Requirement



Recording in the International register of a trademark license related to International Registration is effective in Turkey.

Last updated on: March 15, 2013