Turkey (TR)

As Office of a Designated Contracting Party

Request for extension of protection

The Office republishes notifications of international registration and other notifications received from the International Bureau in the Official Trademark Bulletin and when the international application has matured to registration, the notifications of international registration are republished in the Official Trademark Gazette.

Examination Procedure

Ex Officio examination for absolute and relative grounds.
Third parties have the right to file opposition to the published applications.

Opposition Procedure

Three months commencing on the date of the publication in the Official Trademark Bulletin (non-extendable).

Time Limit for Responding to Provisional Refusal

Two months from the date of notification of provisional refusal to the holder or representative by the International Bureau (non-extendable).

Administrative and judicial remedies in case of refusal issued by the Office

All provisional refusals issued by the Office are subject to appeal at the Re-examination and Evaluation Board of the Office. For the applicants who have no domicile in Turkey the appeal has to be lodged through the intermediary of an authorised trademark representative domiciled in Turkey. The decisions of the Board can be appealed at the IP courts within 2 months after the notification date of the decision.

Last updated on: March 15, 2013