Rwanda (RW)


Nice Classification

The Office accepts all of the class headings of the Nice Classification.

Representation before the Office

Representation by local trademark attorneys or industrial property agents is required.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

Regulations governing the use of a collective mark must be sent to the Office along with all other documents.


The application for the registration of the transformed mark is examined only on formalities.

Maintenance Requirement

Any interested person may request the empowered authority to remove a mark from the register, for a good or service for which it is registered, on the grounds that, following its registration and up to one month prior to submission of the request, the mark has not been used by the registration owner or by a licensee for an uninterrupted period of three years (3) or more. The mark shall not, however, be removed if it is proved that particular circumstances have opposed its use and that there was no intention not to use it or to abandon it for the goods or services in question.


Last updated on: August 12, 2013