Philippines (PH)

General Information



Declarations made by Contracting Parties

Extension of the refusal period to 18 months Article 5(2)(b) of the Protocol
Possible notification of refusal, based on opposition, after the 18-month time limit Article 5(2)(c) of the Protocol
Charge individual fee (see list of fees and WIPO fee calculator) Article 8(7)(a) of the Protocol
In respect of international registrations effected under the Protocol prior to the date of accession of the Contracting Party concerned, no subsequent designation Article 14(5) of the Protocol

National/Regional Legislation

Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines

Rules and Regulations on Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Names, and Marked or Stamped Containers (Trademark Regulations)

Philippines Madrid Protocol Regulations

Amendments to the Rules and Regulations on Inter Partes Proceedings (Office Order No. 99, s. 2011)

Rules and Regulations on Administrative Complaints for Violation of Law Involving Intellectual Property Rights, as amended by Office Order No. 186, s. 2010

Uniform Rules on Appeal

Last updated on: March 18, 2014