Philippines (PH)

As Office of a Designated Contracting Party

Request for extension of protection

The IPOPHL republishes notifications of international registration, subsequent designation, or renewal in its e-Gazette.
The e-Gazette is published every week.

Examination Procedure

Absolute and relative grounds.

Opposition Procedure

Notice of opposition must be filed within 30 days from the date of publication in the IPOPHL’s e-Gazette. The filing of the verified opposition may be extended for another 30 days by the Bureau of Legal Affairs on meritorious grounds. Upon motion by the opposer and based on justifiable grounds, an additional 30 days to file the verified opposition may again be granted.

Time Limit for Responding to Provisional Refusal

Two months from the mailing date of the notification. The period may be extended (subject to the payment of a fee) for a period of another two months provided the request is made within the initial two months.
Failure of the holder to respond will result in abandonment, subject to revival in case the failure is not intentional and can be justified. Payment of a revival fee will be charged for the request.

Administrative and judicial remedies in case of refusal issued by the Office

Ex-officio provisional refusal:
The holder needs to file a response to the provisional refusal to overcome the objections raised.

Refusal based on an opposition:
In case of opposition, the holder will need to file an Answer. The opposition case will be heard by the IPOPHL’s Bureau of Legal Affairs
The holder will comply with the regulations on opposition. The decision is appealable to the Director General.

Last updated on: March 18, 2014