New Zealand (NZ)


Nice Classification

IPONZ accepts all the class headings fo the Nice Classification; however, a class heading is not deemed to include all the goods and/or services that fall in this class. If an item clearly falls with the broader specific terms that would be considered as being included.

Representation before the Office

The Holder will need to make such representations etc via a logon at the Commissioners website and also provide an address for service in New Zealand

Collective and Guarantee Marks

Collective and certification marks are registrable in New Zealand. Regulations governing the use of the certification marks must be sent to IPONZ 6 months from the date IPONZ was notified of the International Registration.
In the case of a collective mark, these need to be provided before the mark is published in the Office Journal
New Zealand does not have guarantee marks
Certification Marks


The recording of replacement will be made, free of charge, upon filing a request with the Office in accordance with Trade Mark (International Registration) Regulations 2012.


If the International Registration is protected in New Zealand, there would be no examination other than formalities. If the transformation is in respect of an international registration designating New Zealand – then any procedures which have begun will continue.

Maintenance Requirement

No specific requirements


No specific requirements

Last updated on: May 15, 2014