Mozambique (MZ)


Nice Classification

The Office accepts all of the class headings of the Nice Classification.

Representation before the Office

Local representation is not required.
List of local representatives.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

No specific requirements.


No specific procedure.


No specific procedure, but a fee of 50 Mozambican Meticals or US$2 is payable.

Maintenance Requirement

In addition to the declaration made under Rule (7)(2) of the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, the holder must submit a further declaration of intention to use the mark directly to the Office of Mozambique by using the prescribed form in Portuguese (contact and paying the required fee. Such declaration must be submitted by the holder’s authorized representative, who must be domiciled in Mozambique.

The declaration must be presented within five years from the date the Office of Mozambique is notified of the international registration or the subsequent designation. Where the Office is notified of a subsequent designation less than five years before the due date for renewal, this declaration must be presented within five years from the date of renewal. Additional declarations must be presented within five years from each date on which the international registration is subsequently renewed.

The holder may file such declaration six months before the above-mentioned five-year anniversaries, but at the latest six months after the said anniversaries.


Act 22 of the Industrial Property code provides that the license must be recorded into the national office in order to be effective against third parties.
There is a specific form to be filed available through link below.
Fees apply.

Last updated on: December 15, 2016