Republic of Korea (KR)


Nice Classification

The Office does not accept all the alphabetical lists of goods/services in the NICE classification.

Representation before the Office

Local representation is required for the holders who do not have either residence or domicile in the Republic of Korea to submit a written opinion (amendment).
List of local representatives.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

Regulations governing the use of a collective mark must be sent directly to the Office within three months from the date of the international registration or from the date on which the request for amendment was issued by the Examiner.
Guarantee marks are not protected as trademarks.


Replacement takes place either ex officio or upon written request by the holder.


The Office examines the transformed mark only on formalities.
Filing fee: KRW 66,000 per class for paper filing and KRW 56,000 per class for e-filing

Maintenance Requirement

Not required.


Recording in the International Register of a trademark license related to an international registration does not have effect in Republic of Korea. However the national legislation provides for recording in the National Register of licenses in relation to international registration.

Last updated on: September 15, 2014