Japan (JP)

As Office of a Designated Contracting Party

Japan has made the notification under Rule 34(3)(a) of the Common Regulations, requiring payment of its individual fee to be made in two parts. Applicants availing of the electronic fee calculator on the Madrid website should be aware that when indicating Japan as a designated contracting Party, only the first part of the individual fee will feature in the calculation. For further information see Information Notice 38/2002.

Request for extension of protection

The Office republishes notifications of international registration, subsequent designation or renewal received from the International Bureau.

Examination Procedure

Absolute and relative grounds.

Opposition Procedure

Post-grant opposition period: two months from publication in the National Official Gazette of Trademarks (non-extendable).

Time Limit for Responding to Provisional Refusal

Three months from date of issue of notification of provisional refusal (extendable).

Administrative and judicial remedies in case of refusal issued by the Office

In case of a refusal issued by the Office, the holder may appeal it at the Office (Trademark Act 44(1)). This appeal may be contested at the Tokyo High Court (Trademark Act 63, Patent Act 178).

Last updated on: November 22, 2013