Belarus (BY)


Nice Classification

The Office accepts all of the class headings of the Nice Classification.

Representation before the Office

Representation by a local patent attorney is required for persons and legal entities having residence or establishment in foreign countries, unless otherwise stipulated in international treaties where Belarus is a party.
List of local representatives.

Collective and Guarantee Marks

Regulations governing the use of a collective mark must be sent to the Office within three months from the date on which the notification of the provisional refusal was received by holder (extendable).
The Law of the Republic of Belarus does not provide for registration of guarantee and certification marks.


Takes place upon request filed with the Office.


The Office carries out full examination in case of transformation.
The national application fees are payable.

Maintenance Requirement



Recording in the International Register of a trademark license related to International registration is effective in Belarus.

Last updated on: May 6, 2014