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Frequently Asked Questions

The WIPO Gazette of International Marks is published online by the International Bureau every week on Thursdays.

No, there isn't. The paper version of the Gazette was discontinued. Our last paper version is Gazette Issue No. 52/2008.

This means that the transaction in question concerns more than one international registration.

Yes. By defult, browsing is by chapter for all contracting parties.

To display one chapter per contracting party, in the box labelled "State/IGO", select the designating party required then tick on or more of the following options:

  • Origin: only those transactions for which the selected contracting party is the Office of origin will be displayed;
  • Designated: only those transactions for which the selected contracting party is designated will be displayed;
  • Interested: only those transactions for which the selected contracting party is the interested Office will be displayed.

International Registration Number.

Yes. Once a document is displayed, the displayed international registration number is hyperlinked to ROMARIN (International trademark information database).

As ROMARIN is a database of active marks only, if no result is found, this means that the mark has been cancelled or has lapsed and is therefore no longer available to view.

As from January 1, 2009, notifications of provisional refusal, of confirmation or withdrawal of a provisional refusal, and of invalidation, as well as statements of grant of protection, received by the International Bureau since January 1, 2005, and that have led to a corresponding recording in the International Register, are made available in ROMARIN in PDF format under the relevant heading and INID code. This means that they are also available in PDF format in the Gazette.

Once the document is displayed, you can save the image of the mark (logo) in TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) by simply clicking on the image displayed.

Yes, you can. The interface, labels and documents are available in all three of the official languages (English, French and Spanish). To change language, simply click on the language code in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

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