Legal Texts Relevant to Trademarks


Main IP Laws: enacted by the Legislature

Date of TextTitle
May 31, 2013Act No. 25 of May 31, 2013, amending Legislation on the Protection of Industrial Property Rights, etc. (Extract)
January 1, 1996Amendments to the Legislation on Industrial Property (Extract)
March 12, 1993Plant Variety Act (Act No. 32 of March 12, 1993, relating to Plant Breeder's Rights) (consolidated version of 2015)
June 21, 1985Business Name Act (Act No. 79 of June 21, 1985, relating to Business Names and Other Business Distinguishing Characteristics, etc.) (consolidated version of 2015)

IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature

Date of TextTitle
January 9, 2009The Marketing Control Act (Act No. 2 of January 9, 2009, relating to the Control of Marketing and Contract Terms and Conditions, etc.) (consolidated version of 2015)

Implementing Rules/Regulations

Date of TextTitle
March 26, 2014Regulations No. 333 of March 26, 2014, relating to Payments, etc. to the Norwegian Industrial Property Office and the Board of Appeal for Industrial Property Rights (consolidated version, status as at July 1, 2015)
June 25, 2010Trademark Regulations (Regulations No. 937 of June, 25, 2010) (consolidated version of 2013)
April 4, 2003Designs Regulations (Regulations No. 418 of April 4, 2003, to the Designs Act) (consolidated version of 2014)
February 28, 1997Broadcasting Regulations (Regulations No. 153 of February 28, 1997, as amended Regulations No. 1324 of February 18, 2005)