Legal Texts Relevant to Trademarks


IP-related Laws: enacted by the Legislature

Date of TextTitle
December 29, 1987Criminal Code (Law No. 62 of December 29, 1987, as amended by Law No. 97 of February 16, 1999)

IP Laws: issued by the Executive

Date of TextTitle
November 20, 2011Decree-Law No. 291 of November 20, 2011, on the Protection of Plant Varieties
February 20, 2002Decree-Law No. 228 on Geographical Indications
December 24, 1999Decree-Law No. 203 on Trademarks and other Distinctive Signs
May 14, 1983Decree-Law No. 68 (May 14, 1983) on Inventions, Scientific Discoveries, Industrial Designs, Trademarks and Appellations of Origin

Implementing Rules/Regulations

Date of TextTitle
May 14, 2010Resolution No. 1089/2010 Approving the New Application Forms System for the Different Subjects of Industrial Property
February 3, 2010Resolution No. 0248/2010 Establishing the Obligatory Application of the Ninth Edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services and the Use of its Alphabetical List for the Registration of Marks, Established by the Nice Agreement
March 20, 2002Resolution No. 659/2002 (Regulation of Official Agents and Representatives of Industrial Property)
September 24, 2001Resolution No. 25-2001 of the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba on Rules for the Retention of Merchandise Infringing Intellectual Property Rights
June 15, 2000Resolution No. 2620 (Establishing the Procedure for the Search Service Provided by the COIP, before Performing the Step of Registering Domain Names before CUBANIC.)
May 22, 2000Regulation of Decree-Law No. 203 'on Trademarks and other Distinctive Signs' (approved by Resolution No. 63/2000)
April 4, 2000Resolution No. 2496/2000 establishing the Tariffs for the Registration of Trademarks, Trade Names, Commercial Names, Signs of Establishments and Commercial Slogans
June 15, 1998Resolution No. 1/1998 STE-MINEXT (Giving Effect to the Guidelines and General Indications to be Followed Regarding Trademarks by the Entities Created by Cuban Capital)
June 13, 1983Resolution No. 999/1983 Establishing Additional Provisions of Procedural Nature to Decree-Law No. 68