Legal Texts Relevant to Trademarks


Main IP Laws: enacted by the Legislature

Date of TextTitle
August 20, 2001Federal Law on the Protection of Plant Varieties (Plant Variety Protection Act 2001) (as last amended by Federal Law Gazette (BGBl) I No. 42/2005)
1993Federal Law amending the Plant Variety Protection Act, the Trademark Protection Act 1970, the Patent Attorneys Act and the Fees Act 1957
1992Federal Law amending the Patent Act, Trademark Protection Act and Act Introducing Patent Treaties (Patent and Trademark Fees Amending Act 1992)
1992Federal Law amending the Trademark Protection Act (Trademark Amendment Act 1992)
December 16, 1987Federal Law of 16 December 1987 amending the Patent Act and the Trademark Protection Act
July 7, 1970Trademarks Protection Act 1970 (Act No. 260 of 1970, as amended by Law No. 109 of 1993)
July 7, 1970Trademark Protection Act 1970 (Federal Law of 1970, as amended by the Law of March 7, 1984, amending the Patent Law and the Trademark Protection Law)
July 7, 1970Trademarks Protection Act 1970 (as consolidated up to 2011)
July 7, 1970Trademarks Protection Act 1970 (Act No. 260 of 1970, as amended up to Law No. 143 of 2001)

Implementing Rules/Regulations

Date of TextTitle
March 25, 1994Regulation of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs on the Implementation of the Patents Act 1970, the Utility Model Act, the Trademark Act 1970 and the Designs Protection Act 1990 (Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks and Designs Regulation)