How to manage your international registration: Cancellation

To remove some or all of the goods and services in respect of all the designated Contracting Parties in your international registration, use form MM8.

You may present form MM8 directly to WIPO or through your Office, i.e., the Office of the Contracting Party of the holder.

Note that, unlike with limitations (MM6), a cancellation causes the goods and services to be permanently removed from the International Register. To obtain protection for goods and services that are the subject of a cancellation, you have to file a new international application, since subsequent designation is not possible following a cancellation.

For further information on cancellations, please refer to paragraphs B.II.52.01 to 59.03 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol and pages 42 to 45 of “Making the most of the Madrid System”.