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How to file your application: Basic requirements

Any natural person or legal entity (e.g., a business) may file an international application provided that the following two requirements are met:

1.) Entitlement

To be entitled to use the Madrid system, the applicant must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • have a business in a contracting party
  • have a domicile in a contracting party
  • be a national of a contracting party

The office of the contracting party with which an applicant has the necessary connection is called the office of origin.  This office acts as an intermediary for filing an international application.

To check your entitlement to file an international application under the Madrid system, use the International Application Simulator.

Please note that contracting parties or their offices can be single states or regional organizations such as the European Union or the Benelux Office.

2.) Basic application/registration (“Basic mark”)

A mark must have already been applied for or registered with an office of origin.

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