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Madrid Highlights

The Madrid Highlights is a quarterly publication focusing on keeping Madrid system’s stakeholders up to date with the latest developments within the Madrid system and providing information on the activities of the Sector. It also offers to subscribers the opportunity to raise issues and concerns and to seek responses from our in-house experts.

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Madrid Highlights 2014

  • 1/2014 (March) PDF, Issue 1/2014

Madrid Highlights 2013

  • 4/2013 (December) PDF, Issue 4/2013
  • 3/2013 (September) PDF, Issue 3/2013
  • 2/2013 (June) PDF, Issue 2/2013
  • 1/2013 (March) PDF, Issue 1/2013

Madrid Highlights 2012

  • 4/2012 (December) PDF, Issue 4/2012
  • 3/2012 (September) PDF, Issue 3/2012
  • 2/2012 (June) PDF, Issue 2/2012
  • 1/2012 (March) PDF, Issue 1/2012

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