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Subsequent designation to a registration

In the framework of the Madrid System, the holder of an international registration has the possibility of extending the geographic scope of a registration’s protection. There is a specific procedure called «subsequent designation to a registration» which extends the scope of the international registration to member of the Madrid Union for whom, either no designation has been recorded to date, or the prior designation is no longer in effect. Updated daily, the database « Madrid Express » provides information on the status of an international registration.  Moreover, a fee calculator also on the Madrid website can help you estimate the cost of a request for subsequent designation.

- A request for subsequent designation to a registration should be submitted, in one copy, on the form MM4, in English, French or in Spanish. It can be filed with the International Bureau either directly by the holder, or through their Intellectual Property Office. However, when such a request is governed by the Madrid Agreement (when designating a member State party to the Agreement only, for instance), or when the holder is a national of a member State which has made a declaration under Rule 7(1), as in force before October 4, 2001, the request should be filed by the Office in question.

- When the prior designation of an organization party to the Protocol has been withdrawn, refused or ceased to have effect under the legislation of that organization, the holder of an international registration may request that the designation of the organization be converted into a designation of any member State of the organization, provided that they are a member of the Madrid Union. A request for subsequent designation with a view to such a conversion should be filed, in one copy, on the form MM16, in English, French or Spanish, through the Office of the organization concerned.

For all queries on how to present a request for subsequent designation through the Intellectual Property Office of a member of the Madrid Union, please refer to Information concerning National or Regional Procedures Before IP Offices under the Madrid System or contact the Office in question (Directory of Intellectual Property Offices).

Detailed information on subsequent designations can be found in paragraphs B.II.38.01-48.03 du Guide to the International Registration of Marks [PDF].

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