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Renewal of International Registration

A renewal can be effected by using E-Renewal, a simple online system with payment by credit card or through a current account opened with WIPO. Renewal can also be effected on paper by any communication giving the necessary information (international registration number, name of the mark and designated countries), or using the form MM11, and the mere payment of the necessary fees.

A renewal can be applied during the six months before expiry of the period of protection in course. Concretely it is sufficient to pay renewal fees three months before the expiry, the registration is renewed in the International Register. Of course a renewal can be applied during the first six months following the expiry of the current period of protection against the payment of surcharge for later renewal. If during that period the necessary fees have not been received or the amount received (including the surcharge for late payment) was not sufficient, the registration cannot be renewed any more.

Renewal is considered as a simple prolongation of the period of protection of an international registration. It can not include therefore any change in relation to the international registration as recorded at the expiry of the current period of protection. Consequently any change, such as change in ownership, in holder’s name or address etc can only be recorded by separate procedure before or after renewal.

Further information concerning renewal is available in paragraphs B.II.70.01-76.03 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks [PDF].

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