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Application for International Registration of a Mark

Since the Madrid System can only be used by a person from a member of the Madrid Union to seek protection of his mark in other members of the Union, we encourage you to make use of the International Application Simulator to check whether you are entitled to file a request for international registration of your mark under the Madrid System.  The simulator indicates the members of the Union that you can designate for protection of your mark, the cost of such an application, as well as how to file your application.

For all practical purposes, please note that an international application (forms: MM1, MM2 or MM3) may only be filed with the International Bureau of WIPO through the Intellectual Property Office of your country or organization of origin. An international application sent directly to the International Bureau by the applicant or their representative will not be considered as such and will be returned to the sender.

For all queries on filing an international application with the Intellectual Property Office of a member of the Madrid Union, please refer to « Information concerning National or Regional Procedures before IP Offices under the Madrid System » or contact the Office in question (Directory of Intellectual Property Offices).

Detailed information on international application can be found in paragraphs B.II.01.01-26.02 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks [PDF].

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