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Change in Name and Address of a Representative

A change in the name and/or address of a representative of the recorded holder of an international registration gives rise to its recording in the International Register. This ensures effective communication between the holder of an international registration and his representative, on the one hand, and the International Bureau, on the other.

It is not necessary to present the request for recording of a change of the name and/or address of a representative by means of an official form (i.e., the MM10 form); a simple letter will suffice, insofar as it contains all the information required to carry out the recording, such as the subject of the letter and the international registration number(s) concerned.

For the purposes of IT processing, it is required that where the request concerns more than 30 international registration numbers, then, as far as possible, the request be submitted by email, attaching a copy of Form MM10, or informally requesting the change, along also with an attached Excel file of the registration numbers concerned. Such request should be sent to

The recording of a change in the name and/or address of a representative in the International Register is free of charge.

Please note that the MM10 form may not be used if a new representative is being appointed, for the first time, by the holder of an international registration.

Further information relating to the appointment of a representative is available at the following link on the Madrid system website: How to Appoint a Representative Before the International Bureau?.

For any queries on how to present such a request through an Intellectual Property Office, please refer to "Information concerning National or Regional Procedures before IP Offices under the Madrid System" or contact the Office in question (Directory of Intellectual Property Offices).

Detailed information on a change in the name and/or address of a representative can be found in paragraphs B.II.49.01-51.01 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol [PDF].

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