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How to Appoint a Representative Before the International Bureau?

Appointing a representative for any international application or registration may be made either in the forms when you file an international application, a subsequent designation, a request to record a change in ownership or any other changes subsequent to the international registration, provided that the form is signed by the applicant, holder and/or an Office. No power of attorney is required to be sent to the International Bureau.

The appointment of a representative may also be made at any time in a separate communication addressed to the International Bureau. Form MM12 is provided for the convenience to appoint a representative.

Further information concerning the appointment of representative before the International Bureau is available in paragraphs B.I.09.01-12.08; B.II.11.01-05, 43.04-05 and 62.08-09 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks [PDF].

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