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Downloading of the Lisbon System Files

Lisbon System files are available for downloading from the ftp site of the UN International Computing Centre (ICC).

To download the files using an ftp program, please find below the access details:

The file is named and contains all the current Lisbon System bibliographic data in XML format, and documents in PDF format. A separate file named changes.log is available and contains information on all the additions or changes which have been made. [It is highly recommended that an ftp program be used to download the file.]

To download the files using web browser access, please use the following site address:

In case of technical problems, first, check your environment with another ftp site to ascertain whether you can access any other ftp site.  For example, try to connect to the text archive of the Gutenberg project at

If you can access the afore-mentioned site, and your problems persist, please complete the contact form available on the WIPO web site ( providing details of your technical environment, e.g. the network you use, the operating system of your PC, the browser version, etc.

In case of questions on the content of the files, please complete the web form at

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