Summary of WIPO Technical Assistance for the Least Developed Countries

From January 1998 to December 2005, WIPO provided the following main technical assistance for LDCs:

  • Intellectual property officials from the LDCs received training in awareness building and human resources development;
  • LDCs received assistance in building-up or upgrading intellectual property offices with adequate institutional infrastructure and resources, qualified staff, modern management techniques and access to information technology support systems;
  • Advisory missions were sent on request to the intellectual property offices of most LDCs, including those who are not members of WIPO, to give advice on modernizing management systems and streamlining administrative procedures;
  • WIPO has sponsored study visits for officials from the LDCs;
  • WIPO has organized study tours for officials from many LDCs to offices in industrialized countries to study various aspects of modernization;
  • LDCs were beneficiaries of WIPO assistance on legislation in the areas of industrial property, copyright and neighboring rights and geographical indications;
  • Advice and assistance were given in connection with the setting-up or strengthening of collective management societies in the LDCs;
  • Advice were given on a clear and balanced view of intellectual property that enables the LDCs to assess the conformity of their existing national legislation vis-à-vis the provisions of international agreements and build national intellectual property organizations and institutions;
  • WIPO, in close cooperation with other international organizations, has organized national, regional and interregional meetings for the LDCs on integrating intellectual property into national development policy.
  • WIPO assists LDCs in the establishment of Intellectual Property Advisory Services and Information Center

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