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Studies and Papers

This section includes references to studies and papers on statistics. The inclusion of studies and papers on this site is for information purposes and implies neither agreement nor disagreement with their contents.

  • Dehon, Catherine; Van Pottelsberghe, Bruno/ Université Libre de Bruxelles
    Implementing a forecasting methodology for PCT applications at WIPO [PDF]

  • Harhoff, Dietmar/ Ludwig-Maximilians University; Sherer, Frederic/ Harvard University; Vopel, Katrin/ Zentrum Für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung
    Citations, family size, opposition and the value of patent rights [PDF]

  • Hingley, Peter/ European Patent Office (EPO); Park, Walter/ American University
    Patent family data and statistics at the European Patent Office [PDF]

  • Hirabayashi, Jim/ United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
    Revisiting the USPTO concordance between the U.S. patent classification and the standard industrial classification systems [PDF]

  • Johnson, Daniel/ Wellesley College
    The OECD Technology Concordance: Patents by industry of manufacture and sector of use [PDF]

  • Nagaoka, Sadao/ Hitotsubashi University
    Patents and other IPRs in use [PDF]

  • Nicolas, Marc; Hingley, Peter/ European Patent Office (EPO)
    Forecasting the number of European patent applications at the European Patent Office [PDF]

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