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WIPO Index of Patent Systems

The WIPO Index of Patent Systems is a tool to help users of patent statistics to understand the impact of differences between patent systems on the interpretation of patent statistics.  The Index is based on the results of a survey [PDF] launched by WIPO in March 2005 to all its Members States regarding their national patent systems. The deadline for Industrial Property Offices to participate in the survey was May 2005, the country profiles below reflect the status of the patent system in each country as of this date. The Index will be regularly updated as more information becomes available.  Please note that the information contained in the Index is not a substitute for professional legal advice.  We welcome your comments

The links below point to files in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. Please note that your computer must have a viewing program like Acrobat Reader from Adobe. The Acrobat Reader is freely available for most computer platforms.

For more information on WIPO member states, including information on membership of patent-related treaties and access to the collection of national laws, please see the WIPO member states directory.

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