International Patent Classification (IPC) - Reclassification Area

This is the official WEB site for IPC reclassification.

To return reclassification data for the IPC edition YYYYMM, you can:

  1. Send an Email to as follows: 
    • with the title "IPC RECLASSIFICATION DATA YYYYMM" where YYYYMM is the concerned IPC edition
      (e.g. IPC RECLASSIFICATION DATA 201101) 
    • with the reclassification data as attachment in conformity with specification available in the Documentation folder

    Because of automatic procedure in place, please make sure that your e-mail comply with the above mentioned protocol. Please note that for the same reason, the text of the email body may not be read by WIPO staff but will be forwarded to the MCD.
    More details under "reclassification information exchange.doc".

  2. Use IPCRECLASS to submit online Result lists in conformity with the specifications explained in the Documentation folder.
  3. Use IPCRECLASS to do Online reclassification.


Reclassification Data: 

  • 201701 
  • 201601 
  • 201501 
  • 201401 
  • 201301 
  • 201201 
  • 201101 
  • 201001 
  • 200901 
  • 200804 
  • 200801 
  • 200710 
  • 200701 
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