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Title: Fifth National Reading Survey
Author: [Chinese Institute of Publishing Science]


Year: 2008


Subject/Type: Piracy
Focus: Books, Film, Music, Software, Video Games
Country/Territory: China
Objective: To grasp reading trends and the status quo of cultural consumption in China.
Sample: 20.800 respondents from 56 cities in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
Methodology: Survey

Main Findings

More and more Chinese are aware of copyright: in 2007, 71.3% of Chinese reported being aware of copyright, compared to 60.6% two years earlier. In line with this trend, the overall piracy rate declined to 41.9% (down by 3.6% from 2005).

The most frequently acquired pirated publications were audio and video products (with 76.6% reporting to buy these) followed by books (with 36.9%). Younger, male, urban and higher educated consumers were most likely to buy such pirated publications.

Low price and convenience in shopping were the two most often evoked reasons for buying pirated publications. Almost 15% of buyers claimed that they had not knowingly bought fake goods.

[Date Added: Aug 22, 2008 ]